Walter Ventures S.L. is building a multi-pronged early-stage investment platform. We are teaming up with exceptional entrepreneurs with global growth and impact ambitions, as well as talented investors. Building lasting partnerships is an integral part of our strategy, which leverages our ecosystem, operational know-how and network to create long-term sustainable value. 


Walter Ventures S.L. is the early-stage investment platform of the Walter Group. Our network of expert advisors and specialised investment partners allows us to efficiently identify emerging, scalable and impactful innovations led by visionary entrepreneurs.

With offices in Malaga and Montreal, our growing team is motivated to invest in exceptional, values-driven entrepreneurs who lead technology-enabled companies. With a focus on the health sector and B2B solutions, we believe in projects that benefit the socio-economic and environmental development of communities.

Walter Ventures S.L. launched in 2017 in Canada and continued its global growth by relocating its team and main operations to Spain in 2019.

Overview of our partnerships

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We are excited to be opening in Malaga our dynamic co-working and community-centric space dedicated to local entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our mission is to create a unique gathering place for like-minded individuals to connect, create and share!

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A business ecosystem

Walter Ventures S.L. is part of the Walter Group, a business ecosystem led by the Somers family that represents their interests and values.

Guided by a multigenerational entrepreneurial spirit, the Walter Group has flourished for nearly 70 years. Having started as an industrial company that grew into a leader of its industry, the Group has since evolved into a multifaceted investment firm comprising a team dedicated to public investments, three teams specialized in private equity and a team focusing on new food projects.

At the helm of it all is a team of seasoned operators with strong business acumen and extensive financial insight. This approach empowers the Group to be actively involved in managing its investments, providing a robust and sustainable framework that underpins each of its companies.